24 Hour Urinary 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5HIAA) and Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) Doubling-Times (DTs) Predict Disease-Specific Mortality (DSM) in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) Abstract #1853

Introduction: New clinical prognostic tools are needed in order to select patients with NETs that are at higher risk of DSM. Biochemical biomarker DT is used clinically for prognosis prediction in several solid malignancies
Aim(s): To determine whether biomarker DT has prognostic utility in patients with NETs.
Materials and methods: Patients with NETs (n=184) were enrolled in a prospective study with comprehensive biochemical analysis. The current analysis included subjects with at least two consecutive measurements of any biochemical biomarker (chromogranin A, 5HIAA, gastrin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide and VIP). DTs for each biomarker were calculated among subjects with increasing levels: DT = [log10(2)*(time interval between tests)]/[log10(2nd value)–log10(1st value)]. Exact log-rank test was used to assess differences in DSM risk by DT.
Conference: 14th Annual ENETS conference 2017 (2017)
Category: Biomarkers
Presenting Author: MD Amit Tirosh

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