A Multicenter 10-Year Clinical Epidemiological Study of Rectal Neuroendocrine Tumors in China Abstract #1695

Introduction: Few data can be available for rectal neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) in China
Aim(s): To present clinical characteristics of rectal NETs in Chinese patients and to explore the current treatment approaches for these patients.
Materials and methods: All rectal NETs patients were obtained from a hospital-based, nation-wide, and multi-center 10-year (2001-2010) retrospective study of neuroendocrine tumors. All rectal NETs patients were confirmed by pathology in the selected hospitals and information of clinical characteristics was collected based on the designed case report form
Conference: 14th Annual ENETS conference 2017 (2017)
Category: Epidemiology/Natural history/Prognosis - Descriptive epidemiology
Presenting Author: professor Fan Jinhu

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