Aberrant Expression of FSH Receptor in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Abstract #286

Introduction: FSH receptor (FSHR) expression is restricted to gonads. FSHR plays an important role in regulation of ovarian angiogenesis. Recently, FHSR expression has been shown in blood vessels of various tumors.
Aim(s): To evaluate FSHR expression in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (P-NET), characterized by high blood supply.
Materials and methods: FSHR expression was evaluated in 15 patients with P-NET by Western blot (WB); confocal microscopy was used to localize FSHR in specific cells from tissue samples. von Willebrand factor (vW) and Chromogranin A were used as blood vessel and NET cell markers, respectively, to co-localize FSHR. Normal pancreatic and ovarian tissue samples were used as controls.
Conference: 8th Annual ENETS Conference (2011)
Category: Clinical
Presenting Author: Prof Fausto Bogazzi

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