About Centers of Excellence (CoE)

In 2008, the ENETS CoE task force established a certification process based on independent evaluation and auditing in association with a European-accredited medical health care evaluation company. Since 2017, ENETS commissioned DQS, an international audit company, to organize and conduct the ENETS CoE audits.

60 CoE have been accredited since 2009.

Benefits reported by certified Centers include:
  • Improved recognition (in-house and external)
  • More NET patients
  • Improved structured cooperation
  • Improved MDT Meetings (more in-depth discussions and consistent specialist participation)
  • Improved  patient documentation
  • Improved patient follow-up, quality control and statistics
  • Improved research  and more patients in clinical trials
  • Fruitful discussions with  external peers during the audit
  • Possibility of recognizing affiliated referral partner

The most important open question at the moment:

  • Is there a benefit for patients?

It is likely that patients will benefit from implementation of this rigorous process applied to NET healthcare management, as well as the additional education and research.

Tangible benefits are difficult to assess, but accumulated data during recertification, coupled with data from the ENETS European Registry should provide important information.