Biopsy Specimen Diagnosis in Pulmonary Carcinoids, A Shot in the Dark


Introduction: Pulmonary carcinoids (PCs) are rare well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors, which can be separated into typical carcinoid (TC) and atypical carcinoid (AC). Advised treatment for local carcinoid disease is surgical resection using lobectomy, while parenchymal saving strategies such as sub-lobar or endobronchial resection might be considered for TC. In general, pre-operative diagnosis using a (transbronchial/transthoracic) biopsy sample is performed to demonstrate malignancy. However, TC and AC classification can solely be performed on surgical resection specimens, which may challenge pre-operative treatment decisions.

Aim(s): To assess the reliability of carcinoid classification on biopsy specimen.

Materials and methods: We have analyzed all carcinoid diagnoses established in the Netherlands (January 2003 - December 2012) using the Dutch Pathology Registry and the Netherlands Cancer Registry. Paired biopsy-resection specimen were available in 330 cases. We have compared the pre-operative biopsy diagnosis with the surgically confirmed diagnosis using pathology report conclusions.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author: Moonen L

Authors: Moonen L, Derks J, Hermans B, Dingemans A, Speel E,

Keywords: pulmonary, neuroendocrine, carcinoid, biopsy, resection, diagnosis,

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