Detection Limitation of Occult NET Using Gallium-68 Dotatoc Scan Plus FDG PET


Introduction: The modalities detection of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NET) includes sonogram, abdominal CT and MRI, but the detection rate is limited. Iodium-111 Octreotide scan is another choice. Ga-68 Dotatoc scan is very rapid and more sensitive than Octreoscan. The Ga-68 Dotatoc scan plus FDG-PET is useful for detecting active NETs.

Aim(s): The detection rate and affect factors of Ga-68 Dotatoc scan plus FDG-PET were studied.

Materials and methods: Twelve cases with elevated chromogranin A and failure to detect NET after the classic image examinations were included in this study. Ga-68 Octreotate scans plus FDG-PET and MRI were performed. The exclusive criteria were lactating or pregnancy, fasting sugar higher than 200 mg%, and GFR less than 30 ml/min. Their clinical data were recorded for comparison.

Conference: 11th Annual ENETSConcerence (2014)

Presenting Author: Hwang T

Authors: Chen S, Yen C, Hwang T,

Keywords: GEP-NET, Ga-68 Dotatoc scan,

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