Does the ENETS TNM staging criteria predict survival in patients with small bowel neuroendocrine tumours?


Introduction: A TNM staging system was designed by ENETS to stage small bowel NETs .(SBNETs)

Aim(s): This study aims to retrospectively stage patients with SBNETs and see whether survival is dependent on stage and grade of disease and finally, identify cause of death.

Materials and methods: 138 patients with SBNETs were identified from Kings College Hospital. Primary site: Duodenal 2.1% (3), Jejunal 2.9% (4), ileal 95% (131). Mean duration of follow-up of 5 years. Median age 61 years (range 24-84).

Conference: 10th Annual ENETSConcerence (2013)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Srirajaskanthan R, Ahmed A, Ramage J,

Keywords: Staging,

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