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Everolimus (EV) Plus Somatostatin Analog (SSA) Administered Before or After Chemotherapy (CT) or PRRT in Advanced G1-G2 Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET): A Single Center Experience


Introduction: In metastatic NET G1-G2 progressed after SSA, many treatment are appropriated including EV, CT and PRRT. However, there are no studies guiding the appropriate sequence of treatments.

Aim(s): We evaluate our experience to compare EV plus SSA treatment administered before or after CT or PRRT, to evaluate differences in the sequences

Materials and methods: 39 patients (pts) with G1-2 NET progressed after SSA were treated with EV 10 mg orally daily combined with octreotide LAR 30 mg every 28 days or with CT (included fluoropyrimidines, temozolamide, oxaliplatine based on phisician decision) or with PRRT untill progression or unexaptable toxicities in different sequences: 20 pts received EV + SSA upfront and then CT, 11 received CT and then EVE + SSA, 8 received PRRT, CT and then EVE + SSA Mean age was 59 years (28-78),there were 24 male,15 female. Primary tumor originated from pancreas (20 pts), gastrointestinal tract (11 pts), lung (4 pts)and was unknown in 4 pts.

Conference: 13th Annual ENETSConcerence (2016)

Presenting Author: Marconcini R

Authors: Marconcini R, Ricci S, Antonuzzo A, Luca G, Vasile E,

Keywords: everolimus SSA,

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