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PRRT Neuroendocrine Tumor Response Assessment Using Circulating Transcript Analysis: The NETest


Introduction: The absence of an accurate blood biomarker to predict and monitor PRRT is a key unmet need.

Aim(s): Prospectively evaluate: 1) NETest as a surrogate biomarker for RECIST; 2) Correlation of NETest levels, PPQ prediction and treatment efficacy.

Materials and methods: Three independent 177Lu-PRRT-treated GEP-NET and BPNEN cohorts (Rotterdam, Bad-Berka, Meldola: n=122). Treatment response: RECIST1.1 [Responder (stable, partial/complete response) vs Non-Responder]. Blood sampling: pre-PRRT, prior to each cycle and 6 months (median) after PRRT completion. PPQ (positive/negative) and NETest (0-100 score) by PCR. Stable<40; progressive >40). CgA (ELISA) as comparator. Kaplan-Meier survival and Mann-Whitney analyses.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author: Bodei L

Authors: Bodei L, Kidd M, Singh A, van der Zwan W, Severi S,

Keywords: biomarker, PRRT, prediction, NETest, PPQ, CgA, personalized medicine,

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