Sequlae and Survivorship in Neuroendocrine Patients Treated with 131I-MIBG


Introduction: Radionuclide therapy in the form of 131I-MIBG has been in therapeutic use since the 1980s. Newer modalities are emerging for the treatment of neuroendocrine and chromaffin cell tumors, but many of these do not yet have adequate long-term follow-up to determine longer term efficacy and sequelae.

Aim(s): To review survival and long-term outcomes of 131I-MIBG therapy in patients with a diagnosis of metastatic neuroendocrine or chromaffin cell tumor.

Materials and methods: Data from 58 patients were collated from a database between 2000-2011.

Conference: 10th Annual ENETSConcerence (2013)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Sze C, Grossman A, Amendra D, Shieh S, Plowman N,

Keywords: neuroendocrine tumors, chromaffin cell tumors, radionuclide therapy, survival, long-term sequelae ,

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