Unexpected High Rate of Metastases in Type 1 Gastric Neuroendocrine Neoplasia


Introduction: Gastric neuroendocrine neoplasms (gNEN) represent about 7.5% of gastroenteropancreatic NEN (gepNEN), classified in: type 1 (70-80%), related to autoimmune gastritis, type 2 (5%), related to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome in multiple endocrine neoplasia 1 and type 3 (15-20%), in absence of hypergastrinemia or mucosal atrophy.

Aim(s): Aim of this study was to investigate the metastatic rate of gNEN.

Materials and methods: Data of 28 consecutive patients with gNEN referred to the ENETS Center of Excellence of Naples, Endocrinology Unit of Federico II University, collected between June 2006 and October 2019, were retrospectively reviewed. Mean follow-up was 54.2 months (range 3-161).

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Bottiglieri F, Modica R, de Cicco F, Minotta R, Faggiano A,

Keywords: gastric, neuroendocrine, type1, type3, metastases,

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