Unique Metastatic Patterns in Neuroendocrine Neoplasms of Different Primary Origin


Introduction: Neuroendocrine neoplasms (NEN) can originate in different organs, e.g. in the gastro-enteric tract (GE), pancreas (P) or lung (L). Despite similarities in clinical and pathological characteristics in tumors of another origin, differences also exist. This might apply to metastatic patterns as well, but only limited data is available so far.

Aim(s): We aimed to describe metastatic patterns at diagnosis for patients with NEN of various primary origins and investigate impact of metastatic pattern on survival.

Materials and methods: All NEN patients diagnosed and/or treated between 2014 and 2019 in two centers in the Netherlands were included and data was retrospectively recorded from medical records. Patterns of baseline metastatic disease are presented for GE-, P- and L-NEN. Multivariate analysis was performed for variables with significant effect on survival in univariate analysis.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Hermans B, Derks J, Willems A, Bilochvostenko M, Bayazit S,

Keywords: neuroendocrine neoplasms, stage IV, metastases, survival, epidemiology,

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