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When Is Right Hemicolectomy Really Indicated for Pediatric Appendiceal NETs?


Introduction: Pediatric NET of the appendix (ANET) are rare tumors with unknown real incidence.For pediatric age initial staging procedures are not standardized and guidelines for pediatric patients with ANET do not exist.

Aim(s): Retrospective analysis of predictive and risk factors for right hemicolectomy (RHC) indication in pediatric ANET and critical review of published pediatric data.

Materials and methods: Retrospective analysis of 64 pediatric ANET cases in period 1998 – 2017. Median age at diagnosis was 16 years, M : F = 1: 2.4. We evaluated predictive risk factors - tumor size, localization (tip or base of appendix), presence of vascular/lymphangioinvasion, Ki67 index, depth of mesoappendix invasion and resection margins. None of patients was clinically expressed carcinoid syndrome.

Conference: 15th Annual ENETSConcerence (2018)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Bajciova V, Tuma J, Jezova M,

Keywords: Right hemicolectomy, appendix, predictive factors, pediatric age,

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