Alterations of Global and Gene-Specific DNA Methylation in Midgut Carcinoids Abstract #471

Introduction: Epigenetic alterations of DNA methylation are known to be associated with the clinical presentation of midgut carcinoids.
Aim(s): To assess global and gene-specific promoter methylation for selected previously implicated tumor suppressors or frequently deleted loci in relation to clinical and genetic characteristics, as well as mRNA levels of the corresponding genes.
Materials and methods: In total, 41 tumors and six normal tissues were analyzed by Pyrosequencing for CpG methylation of RASSF1A, CTNNB1, HIC1, P14, P16, WIF1, APC, NKX2-3, CXCL14, SMAD2, SMAD4, CDH1, CDH3, LAMA1 and LINE1.
Conference: 9th Annual ENETS Conference (2012)
Category: Basic
Presenting Author: Omid Fotouhi

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