Analysis of Predictive Markers of Response to Chemotherapy in Microdissected Components of Mixed Neuroendocrine/non-Neuroendocrine Carcinomas Abstract #733

Introduction: Mixed neuroendocrine (NE)/non-NE carcinomas lack pathological or molecular prognostic or predictive markers.
Aim(s): To analyze the pathological features and the expression of genes involved in DNA repair or synthesis in a cohort of mixed NE/non-NE carcinomas from different sites, as compared to patients’ outcome.
Materials and methods: A series of 42 cases (10 from lung, 18 from the gastro-entero-biliary system, 14 from the urogenital tract) was available for clinical and pathological correlates. In 35 cases, residual pathological material was adequate for microdissecting both NE and non-NE components and for quantitative PCR analysis of RRM1, ERCC1, TS and TOPOIIa. Control cases of pure NE and non-NE cancers were analyzed in parallel.
Conference: 10th Annual ENETS Conference 2013 (2013)
Category: Basic Science - In vitro models, tumor growth, CTCs
Presenting Author: Marco Volante

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