Assessment of the Clinical Utility of the NETest in a US Registry-Based Study Abstract #2202

Introduction: The clinical relevance of molecular biomarkers in oncology management has been recognized in breast and lung cancer. Current biomarkers in NET disease have limited clinical utility.
Aim(s): We evaluated the usefulness of a blood-based multigene biomarker assay in the management of neuroendocrine tumor disease (NETs) in a real-world study of a USA registry (RegisterNET: NCT02270567) of 100 patients. The NET liquid biopsy was investigated for diagnostic accuracy, and prediction of clinical disease status in 2 cohorts (treated and watch-and-wait).
Materials and methods: NET subjects (n=100) followed for 6 months. Gastroenteropancreatic (68%); lung 20%, and unknown origin (12%).Well-differentiated, low grade (97%), stage IV (96%); 70% had surgery; 56% drug treatment. NETest was measured at each visit and disease status was determined by RECIST. Scores categorized as low (NETest <40%) or high (>80%) defined disease as stable or progressive.
Conference: 15th Annual ENETS conference 2018 (2018)
Category: Biomarkers
Presenting Author: Professor Mark Kidd

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