Association Between Activin A & NT-pro-BNP in Carcinoid Heart Disease and Intestinal Desmoplasia in Patients with Metastatic Midgut and Pelvic NET Abstract #526

Introduction: Carcinoid heart disease (CHD) involves cardiac valvular fibrosis and volume overload. N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-pro-BNP) is released by the myocardium in response to increased wall stress in CHD. Activin A is a member of the TGF-ß superfamily involved in fibrogenesis.
Aim(s): To compare Activin A and NT-pro-BNP as biomarkers for detecting CHD and to determine the utility of Activin A as a biomarker in CHD and NET-related desmoplasia.
Materials and methods: Plasma samples from 56 patients with metastatic midgut or pelvic NET were analyzed using ELISA. All patients underwent echocardiography and abdomino-pelvic CT.
Conference: 9th Annual ENETS Conference (2012)
Category: Clinical
Presenting Author: Dr Daniel Knight

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