ENETS NET Registry Aims and Mission

The Registry is part of the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) and was established in 2007. The Registry is managed by the Working Group. The members of the Registry Working Group is named by the ENETS Executive Board. The members of the Registry Working Group have to be members of ENETS.

Presentation of the Registry

The Working Group consists of six members from different European nations. They provide the national neuroendocrine tumour registry with the means to cooperate on a European basis either by:

1. providing a Web-based database used by the national registries or

2. by creating tools to allow those nations with an already existing database to provide the European Registry with the necessary information.

The aims are to:

  • develop a registry for the diagnosis and therapy of NET
  • improve the documentation of the disease, and
  • create a network of participating physicians

To achieve these aims the Registry intends to create a web-based database to provide a common access point so that scientists and clinicians from member National Registries are able to contribute and share data. By having increased access to more data, better data analysis is possible, more scientific publications can be printed - all of which help to further increase the awareness of GEP NET. This will allow physicians a greater opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of their patients.

As well, for those National Registries (NR) with an already existing database the Registry will work together with these NRs to develop a compatible means whereby the NR will be able to successfully transfer data to the European Registry database.

The Registry Mission

We need your input - scientists and clinicians from Europe add their input into a common database to increase GEP NET knowledge.

Share your experience - Since NET are not very common, we need to join forces, share our knowledge and experiences for the benefit of our patients.

Join forces, speed up development - Our common goal is to support rapid development of GEP NET science. Only by working together, can we reach this most important objective.