ENETS Nurse Group - About us


A Europe in which every NET patient has access to the best possible nursing care.


To be the voice of NET nurses in Europe and the rest of the world and to promote research, education and standardisation of care.


1- Strengthening Ties Across Europe to Promote Multidisciplinary Team Approach

  • Members of ENETS.
  • 2 nurse representatives as part of ENETS Advisory Board and to aim for nurses to have full voting rights in the ENETS Advisory Board.
  • Nurse presence at ENETS, continue to support reduced rates for nurses at ENETS conference.
  • Nurses actively involved in other related organisations.
  • Reaching out to nurses throughout Europe to promote increased involvement with NET nurses both in Europe and around the world and for ENETS nurses steering group to have specialist nurse representation across Europe.

2- Promoting Standardisation of Nursing Care Throughout Europe

  • Nurse representation in updating and standards of care guidelines.
  • Publishing data.
  • Advocate the importance of access to expert nurses.
  • Presentations at meetings and conferences.

3- Initiating and Collaborating in NET Research Programmes

  • Develop nurse based research programmes throughout Europe.
  • Participate and promote interdisciplinary research programmes.
  • Educate patients and families/carers about clinical research and the importance of this in the development of future treatments.
  • Advocate patient participation in research design.

4- Providing Up to Date, Evidence Based Information and Educational Initiatives for Nurses

  • Identify educational needs, help promote and encourage access to NET competency framework when available.
  • Provide up to date information and training materials on the website, look at ways to use ENETS nurses forum as a tool for identifying needs, communication and answering queries.
  • Nurse representatives to be involved in updating of treatment and standards of care guidelines.
  • Working to increase nurse attendance at relevant conferences.

5- Building Relationships with Advocacy Groups Across Europe

  • Patient advocacy representation within the NET nurses working group/steering committee.
  • Continue to have close ties with INCA and its member groups. Look to becoming involved with organisations across the world such as NANETS.