CoE Application

The applicant has to be an ENETS member Should you not be an ENETS Member, please click here to become one: and applying Centers should consider whether they fulfill the requirements. (you’ll find the full requrements catalogue on the member protected part of the Website). The overall accreditation process requires dedication, work and time. Centers should take this into account prior to embarking on this process.

undefined Please note the general threshold for application is 80 NEW GEP NET patients per year. The application contains information on quantitative and qualitative issues pertaining to the individual centers and assessment is independent of ENETS.  


In general, a GEP NET Center/ network should consist of one or not greater than three clinically collaborating hospitals/ locations. The physical distance should be < 50 km or < 45 min drive so as to make for a meaningful collaboration; centres outside of theses limits could be considered as “affiliated” partners and not as part of a certified group as they cannot be audited separately (some limited exceptions can perhaps be made for a very specificindication such as a specific therapy/test and at the discretion of the auditors and ENETS/Cert. commission).

If a Network or group of Centres are applying, the overall structure requires perfect explanation at the outset and should be clarified during the application process. A clear and proven daily-work practice/collaboration and structure within groups has to be in place. Collaboration simply to increase patient numbers is not acceptable; the structure has to be a functioning unit.

For applying Centers and Centers considering application in the following years, a training day is held in connection with the ENETS Annual Conference. Please note that passing the center training is mandatory for applying Centers.

Applying Centers are required to submit their application via ENETS on-line application tool, which is available on the member protected part of the website each year from 1 March to 30. April. DEADLINE:  30. April

ENETS CoE Requirements catalogue: please refer to “CoE procedures” in the menu on the left