CoE Young Investigator Grant



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The ENETS CoE Young Investigator Grant is designed to:

  • grant an amount to max. 50.000€ for one year
  • provide physicians (clinicians and researchers) with particular interest in the field of NET with financial support toward a research project
  • Applicant profile and eligibility criteria are that the candidate must:
  • be an ENETS member
  • be a clinical and/or basic scientist in the NET field and have a minimum of one year clinical experience in his/ her field
  • have a reasonable level of English
  • be prepared to collaborate with an ENETS Centers of Excellence (CoE)
  • be prepared to collaborate with ENETS Excellence Academy Program (read about the Excellence Academy Fellowship by visiting

Please be prepared to include the following in the application form (form template will be provided by ENETS by 1 November 2016):

  • curriculum vitae: max. 2 pages
  • description of the research proposal (max. 500 Words)
  • description of financial need (template will be provided by ENETS)
  • letter of recommendation from an expert in the NET field

Where and when to submit and apply:

Note for applicants after submission on 8 January 2017:

  • After candidate selections have been made, the grant will be handed over to the recipient during the Grants and Awards Ceremony at the 14th Annual ENETS Conference in Barcelona, Spain on Friday, 10 March 2017.
  • All travel and hotel bookings will be completed by the ENETS Office in Berlin for the chosen candidate(s). Award recipients must submit original receipts and a completed expense claim form to the ENETS Office within four weeks after the conference.
  • The ENETS CoE Young Investigator Grant Reviewing Committee reserves the right to extend an application deadline after 8 January 2017, should an applicant not have been found.