Gastro-Entero-Pancreatic Mixed Adenoneuroendocrine Tumors. Report of Four Cases. Abstract #1087

Introduction: Mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinomas (MANECs) is an uncommon entity with ill-defined clinicopathologic characteristics.
Aim(s): To present four cases of MANECs located on different sites of gastrointestinal tract. In addition, we aimed to investigate immunohistochemically the expression of epithelial-neuroendocrine markers, the proliferative index Ki67/MIB1 and MMR proteins.
Materials and methods: Four cases of tumors located on the gastro-esophageal junction, sigmoid, appendix and pancreas were included. Immunohistochemical study for epithelial, neuroendocrine markers, Ki67/MIB1 proliferative index, was performed. The microsattelite instabillity pathway (MSI) was immunohistochemically investigated, as well.
Conference: 12th Annual ENETS Conference 2015 (2015)
Category: Pathology, grading, staging
Presenting Author: Georgia Karayannopoulou

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