General Assembly

The General Assembly is responsible for all tasks assigned to it by law, in particular for:

  • the election and the dismissal of all members of the Executive Committee and the Extended Executive Committee,
  • the election of two Auditors,
  • the amendment of the Bylaws,
  • the receipt of the Annual Report of the Executive Committee and receipt of the Audit Report,
  • the discharge of the Executive Committee,
  • the definition of membership fees,
  • decisions on appeals against exclusion resolutions by the Executive Committee,
  • dissolution of the Society.

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Dear conference participant,

Thank you for participating in the ENETS Virtual Conference 2020!

You now have the opportunity to view the webcasts, abstracts and e-posters via My ENETS. Don't miss out any of the exciting talks and take your time to view the clinical and basic science abstract sessions.

If you require a certificate of attendance, please log into My ENETS and select “Annual Conferences” from the side menu, then click on “My registrations” and select your registration for 2020. Please choose "Certificate o.A." to receive your certificate of attendance.

A note on CME accreditation:

ENETS has been liaising with UEMS regarding CME accreditation for the virtual conference. At present, we do not have a definitive answer. We will keep you updated.


Wishing you all the best,

The entire ENETS team