ENETS CoE Synergy Grant

The ENETS CoE synergy grant is designed to:

  • Increase collaboration within NET Centers/ENETS Centers of Excellence (CoE).
  • Accelerate recruiting in prospective and retrospective clinical trials.
  • Achieve reliable numbers of data answering NEN-relevant scientific questions.
  • Involve young researchers in collaborative research.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

The candidate should be a:

  • Lead investigator of a workgroup including participants from various NET centers, preferably ENETS Centers of Excellence (for example ≥ 5 NET centers).
  • Current ENETS member.

The research project must have:

  • A potential to directly impact and improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.
  • A potential social-economic impact (for epidemiological and related clinical studies).
  • A positive effect on collaboration between ENETS Centers of Excellence.

Appropriate projects should have a clear clinical significance and would include (but are not limited to) studies of neuroendocrine tumor clinical outcomes, novel treatment strategies, and translational research projects.

The decision will be based on the scientific quality, novelty of the study, and its potential of benefit for patients.

Grant application components:

The grant application must have the following components:

  1. Title page: Applicant surname, first name, degrees, project title, institution, names of collaborating institutions, names of collaborators
  2. Bio sketch/track record of the PI of the Network (analogue to NIH guidelines)
  3. Number, names and written commitments of Collaborating Centers (CoE) including an estimation of number of patients/samples they will bring in
  4. Research Plan
  5. Estimated budget and co-funding.

More information will be made available as to when this grant will next be offered.