Honorary Members


Jean Claude Reubi



The Life Achievement Award 2016 has been awarded to Professor Jean Claude Reubi from Berne, Switzerland, who is considered the father of Peptide-Receptors in Diagnostics and Therapy. Professor Christ’s dedication explained that Professor Reubi’s main focus of research was to establish the role of peptide receptors on tumors tissue for diagnostics and therapy. He added that, “using the method of autoradiography by Professor Reubi, determined the incidence and density of receptors on a panoply of tumor tissues in vitro, with protagonists as well as antagonists of the corresponding receptors. Regarding NET his work was instrumental for the therapy in secreting NETs using SST-Analoga, for diagnostics using Ocetroscan and later 68Ga-DOTATATE PET, for therapy using Yttrium and Lutetium, and recently, for the anatgonists that appear to have a significant potential, in particular also for therapy.”
Additionally regarding NET, he led the basis of GLP-1R imaging in benign insulinoma and the potential use of GIP-R for diagnostics. However, his work was not restricted to NET alone. ENETS congratulates Professor Reubi and is proud to include him as an honorary member.

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