Immunohistochemical Profiles in 81 Patients with Resected Insulinomas Abstract #2192

Introduction: Ninety percent of insulinomas are benign. However, there are no well-defined immunohistochemical criteria that can distinguish a benign from a malignant insulinoma
Aim(s): We aimed to evaluate the immunohistochemical profiles of benign and malignant insulinomas
Materials and methods: The cohort (n=81, age 52 ± 15 years) was recruited from 1989-2014 from two NET Centers of Excellence. Diagnosis was based on Whipples triad. All patients with a resected insulinoma were included. Immunohistochemistry evaluation was performed by central reading of a NET specialist pathologist (BF). Results were divided in 3 groups: Negative (50%)
Conference: 15th Annual ENETS conference 2018 (2018)
Category: Pathology - grading, staging
Presenting Author: MD, PhD Mikkel Andreassen

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