Life Achievement Awards

At its annual conference, the Society recognizes a scientist in the field of neuroendocrine tumor research who has contributed greatly to the study of diagnosing and treating the illness. The following scientists have been awarded this prize:

Life Achievement Award 2017

The Life Achievement Award for 2017 was awarded to Professor Kjell Öberg from Uppsala, Sweden. Kjell Öberg is Professor of Endocrine Oncology at the Medical Faculty of Uppsala University. He was the former Head of the Department of Endocrine Oncology, University Hospital, and he is a specialist in endocrinology and internal medicine. He founded the Dept. of Endocrine Oncology at Uppsala University Hospital and has 40 years of experience in the field of neuroendocrine tumors. In addition to serving as Vice-Chairman of the ENETS Executive Committee he held the position of ENETS Chairman from 2012-2014.

He also headed the first ENETS Summer School, which took place in Uppsala, Sweden in 2014. Dr. Öberg is a member of several national and international scientific societies. He is a member of the NANETS Advisory Board as well as several other national and international research and scientific boards and many scientific journal review boards. Dr Öberg has contributed with more than 500 publications in the field of NETs. He was the Chairman of the Centre of Excellence of Endocrine Tumors, Uppsala University Hospital until May 2013. At present time he is Senior Advisor/Senior Professor at the same department.

Life Achievement Award 2016

The Life Achievement Award for 2016 was awarded to Professor Jean Claude Reubi from Switzerland, who is considered the father of Peptide-Receptors in Diagnostics and Therapy. Professor Christ’s dedication explained that Professor Reubi’s main focus of research was to establish the role of peptide receptors on tumors tissue for diagnostics and therapy. He added that, “using the method of autoradiography by Professor Reubi, determined the incidence and density of receptors on a panoply of tumor tissues in vitro, with protagonists as well as antagonists of the corresponding receptors.  Regarding NET his work was instrumental for the therapy in secreting NETs using SST-Analoga, for diagnostics using Ocetroscan and later 68Ga-DOTATATE PET, for therapy using Yttrium and Lutetium, and recently, for the anatgonists that appear to have a significant potential, in particular also for therapy.”
Additionally regarding NET, he led the basis of GLP-1R imaging in benign insulinoma and the potential use of GIP-R for diagnostics. However, his work was not restricted to NET alone.  ENETS congratulates Professor Reubi and is proud to include him as an honorary member.

Life achievement award 2015

Dr. Robert T. Jensen has been awarded the Life Achievement Award on March 12th, 2015 during the ENETS 12th Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Jensen is currently head of Cell Biology Section, in the Digestive Diseases Branch, NIDDK at the NIH, USA. He is known both nationally and internationally for both his clinical and basic science studies. Throughout his career he has been productive in both areas producing more than 800 papers. His clinical studies have primarily used gastrinomas (Zollinger-Ellison-syndrome) as a model to study different aspects of functional pNETs including treatment of the hormone-excess state, surgery, tumor localization, natural history, treatment of advanced disease and the role of MEN1 in a subset of patients. Many of these clinical studies were the first prospective studies performed in this area and have had a widespread effect on treatment/management of these patients. His basic science studies have involved the pharmacology and cell biology of gastrointestinal hormones. He has trained more than 90 postdoctoral fellows many of whom are now well established in related fields in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Life Achievement Award 2014

Prof. Eric Krenning of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, was awarded the 2014 ENETS Life Achievement Award in Barcelona on 7 March, in recognition for nearly 40 years of scientific research in the field of neuroendocrine tumor disease. Prof. Krenning spent his career at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, heading the department of Nuclear Medicine from 1985 until 2012.  He lectured in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology and was involved in research, with his main interests including Thyroidology and Molecular Medicine with radioactive peptides for imaging and therapy. He co-authored more than 435 peer-reviewed articles since 1975, and has been much cited and greatly respected for his contributions to better scientific practices.

Life Achievement Award 2013

In 2013, ENETS honored Larry Kvols with a Life Achievement Award, recognizing the many years of service to his patients and colleagues. An oncologist in Florida, Larry has approached his career with humor and passion, according to one of his proteges, Dr. Jonathan Strosberg, who gave the award dedication during the 10th Annual ENETS Conference in Barcelona. Unfortunately, Dr. Kvols could not attend the conference due to health issues, but has recuperated enough to attend the 2014 meeting as an honorary guest.

Life achievement award 2012

Steven Lamberts of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, was awarded the 2012 ENETS Life Achievement Award on 8 March in Copenhagen, during the Society's Annual Conference. The award was presented to him by one of his former students, Wouter de Herder, who served as chairman of the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society from 2005 until 2007.

Life achievement award 2011

Jens Rehfeld of Copenhagen, Denmark, was awarded the 2011 ENETS Life Achievement Award for his work in the pathology of neuroendocrine tumor disease. The award was presented to him in Lisbon by his fellow Danish colleague and ENETS Advisory Board member, Ulrich Knigge.

Life Achievement Award 2010

Enrico Solcia of Pavia, Italy, was awarded the 2010 ENETS Life Achievement Award for his work in the pathology of neuroendocrine tumor disease. The award was presented to him on 12 March 2010 in Berlin, Germany, by one of his former students, Guido Rindi, who also happened to be chairman of the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society from 2008 until 2010.

Life Achievement Award 2009

Rudolf Arnold, who worked and taught at the university hospital in Marburg and currently lives in Munich, received the ENETS Life Achievement Award in 2009 in recognition of his notable career in NET research and treatment.

Life Achievement Award 2008

Jun Soga of Niigata, Japan, received the Life Achievement Award at the 5th Annual ENETS Conference in Paris in 2008.

Guido Rindi and Barbro Eriksson presented the award, highlighting Prof. Soga's extensive studies into the pathology and epidemiology of neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

Life Achievement Award 2007

Lars Grimelius of Uppsala, Sweden, received the Life Achievement Award at the 4th Annual ENETS Conference in Barcelona in 2007.

His colleague, Kjell Öberg, presented the award, highlighting Prof. Grimelius enthusiasm for the silver staining of argyrophil cells and how this paved the way for much that would follow up to today's NET research.

Life Achievement Award 2006

The 2006 Life Achievement Award was conferred in absentia on Dame Julia M. Polak † of London, who is distinguished by her formidable merits in NET research, as well as in research on tissue engineering.

Martyn Caplin of London presented the award to Dame Julia at her office in London in February 2006, and she then gave a short presentation of her research and demonstrated her clear enthusiasm for the field.

This presentation was filmed and shown to the delegates at the 3rd Annual ENETS Conference in Prague in March 2006.

Life Achievement Award 2005

Werner Creutzfeldt † of Göttingen received the Life Achievement Award at the 2nd Annual ENETS Educational Conference in Cracow in 2005.

His former student, Burkhard Gäke, presented the award, reminiscing about his mentor's tolerance and gentle encouragement toward his fellow researchers.

Life Achievement Award 2004

As a highlight of the 1st Annual ENETS Educational Conference, the Society bestowed its first Life Achievement Award on Michel Mignon of Paris.

His former student, Prof. Philippe Ruszniewski, presented the award and paid high tribute to his mentor for his trailblazing scientific work in the area of NETs, to his humor and to his scholarship.

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