Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) v. Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS) for the Detection of =10-mm Pancreatic Tumors in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 (MEN1). A GTE Study Abstract #199

Introduction: In MEN1, the main risk factor of metastases is pancreatic tumor size. We and others recommend limiting surgery to pancreatic tumors >20 mm or growing based on their size measured with EUS.
Aim(s): To compare EUS (invasive technique) to non-invasive MRI for the detection of =10-mm pancreatic tumors in MEN1 patients.
Materials and methods: Nine centers participated in this prospective study. Ninety MEN1 patients with or without previously known pancreatic lesions underwent EUS and MRI. Radiologists and gastroenterologists were blinded to the results. MRI were reviewed centrally. Agreement between EUS and MRI was assessed with Kappa coefficients.
Conference: 8th Annual ENETS Conference (2011)
Category: Clinical
Presenting Author: Pr Guillaume Cadiot

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