Menstrual Dysfunction in Women with Prolactinomas Abstract #2155

Introduction: Hyperprolactinemia syndrome (HPS) is a set of symptoms with typical increase in serum prolactin accompanied by galactorrhea, hypogonadism and potential infertility
Aim(s): to study menstrual dysfunction in women with prolactinomas
Materials and methods: we examined 53 women aged from 16 to 45 years, 12 adolescent (22.6%) and 41 (77.4%) women of reproductive age among them.Prolactin, estradiol, LH, FSH, progesterone and, if necessary TSH, STH were assayed by EIA and RIA in all patients. MRI was used to visualize chiasmatic-sellar region.Ultrasonography was used to examine the genitals.
Conference: 15th Annual ENETS conference 2018 (2018)
Category: Medical treatment - others, not specified
Presenting Author: Student Mijgona Safarova

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