The Database





Nov 2013:

Begin of specification

Oct 2014:

Begin of software development

Mar 2015:

Beta version

Jun 2015:

Version 1.0

Jul 2015:

First national registry starting with data entry

Aug 2015

First data transfer from existing national db to ENETS being prepared

Oct 2015:

User manual and website


  • User manual » pdf
  • TNM staging » pdf
  • ECOG Score » pdf
  • Toxicities, CTCAE version 4.03 » pdf




Q: How can I get access to the database ?
A: Please go to “How to apply a NET registry?” section and follow the instructions.

Q: How many users are possible per center?

A: 3 users per center

Q: I lost my password
A: Please contact

Q: I have questions concerning the rules of the ENETS registry
A: The ENETS registry aims at improving the documentation of the disease, developing a quality-management system for the diagnosis and therapy of NET. If your country already  has its own NET database, a transfer of the data into the ENETS registry is possible. In case your country does not have a registry, the ENETS registry offers the possibility to perform direct entry. Please contact

Q: I have problems with the database
A: Please go to “The Database / Downloads" section and open the user manual ». If you do not find any answer to your question, please contact

Q: I meet problems to save my data

A: Several fields are mandatory. The missing data will be shown in a popup window top right. If mandatory fields stay blank or don´t change their status from “please complete” or “not answered yet” to any accepted status, the particular form cannot be saved.  The value “not known” is an accepted value.
Please go to “the database” section and download the user manual.



The annual ENETS registry meeting will take place on
Wednesday 9 March 2016 (time and meeting room to be confirmed)

at CCIB - Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona »

Plaça de Willy Brandt 11-14
08019 Barcelona, Spain