NET Registry Working Group

Members of the Working Group:

  • Ivan Borbath, Belgium
  • Chris Verslype, Belgium
  • Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
  • Eric Baudin, France
  • Barbro Eriksson, Sweden
  • Rocio Garcia-Carbonero, Spain
  • Pierre Goudet, France
  • Beata Kos-Kudła, Poland
  • Ulrich-Frank Pape, Germany

The Working Group was formed in order to establish a European NET Registry office and consists of 6 members from a minimum of at least 4 different European nations. Members serve a 3 year term, but can serve more than one term.  The Working Group manages not only the Registry office, but chairs the Scientific Steering Committee in addition to overseeing the Procedure Committee (formerly the Scientific Board) and the Ethic & Data Security Board and communicates all activities and developments within the Registry to participating National Registries. To keep ENETS Registry transparent the Working Group reports all activities to the ENETS Executive Committee.
The main responsibilities include: initiating and conducting scientific investigations of the European Registry, coordinating data collection in cooperation with the National Registries and delivering recommendations for basic data quality to the National Registries. These data quality recommendations are adjusted according to the requirements of the European Union. The Working Group provides technical and organisational support for the National Registries, guidelines for the collection of data and the structure of the National Registries, to allow compliance with the data management and rules set-up by the European community.

Additionally, an Annual Activity Report detailing all the Registry’s Adherence to the data management rules and ethical standards of the European community is necessary for those, who wish to become a member of the European NET Registry. The Working Group is, however, not responsible for the National Registries.

Important Notice:

In preparation of the upcoming ENETS Barcelona 2018 Annual Conference, we have discovered in the world wide web at least one professional entity suggestive of possessing an ENETS mandate for conference registrations. Therefore, we must inform you that 100% of all conference participants are registered through ENETS official website and There are no further options to validly register for Barcelona 2018 (or for any other ENETS event).

Please stay away from fraudulent scams abusing the ENETS acronym to register – and charge you above official ENETS conference fees! Such entities, against whom ENETS presses criminal charges, are neither authorized, nor commissioned nor instructed by ENETS to make such representations.