ENETS NET Registry Working Group

Members of the Working Group:

  • Ivan Borbath, Belgium
  • Chris Verslype, Belgium
  • Eric Baudin, France
  • Barbro Eriksson, Sweden
  • Rocio Garcia-Carbonero, Spain
  • Pierre Goudet, France
  • Beata Kos-Kudła, Poland
  • Ulrich-Frank Pape, Germany
  • Advisory role: Lohmann & Birkner

The Working Group reports all activities to the ENETS Executive Committee.

The main responsibilities include: initiating and conducting scientific investigations of the European Registry, coordinating data collection in cooperation with the National Registries and delivering recommendations for basic data quality to the National Registries. These data quality recommendations are adjusted according to the requirements of the European Union.

At the occasion of the Annual ENETS meeting, the Working Group organizes a meeting with all representatives of the National Registries and sponsoring entities.