NETs in a Hospital Registry at a Russian Cancer Centre Abstract #959

Introduction: We aimed at a retrospective evaluation of patients diagnosed with NETs between 1980 and 2013.
Aim(s): To describe the frequency of patients with NETs, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, follow-up of NET patients.
Materials and methods: Data regarding 435 NET pts were evaluated: 238 pts with GEP-NET, 142 with BNETs, and 65 with rare NETs (head and neck, kidney, breast, skin). The maximum increase in incidence occurred for pancreas and bronchial NETs, the minimum - for appendices and small intestine. There was female predominance (63%). Median age of pts: 49 years for females, 51 for males. In our study, 39.8% of pts had pain in abdomen, lumbago zone, subcostal area, 32.7% of pts had cough, short-breath, bleeding in lungs, pneumonia, 15.7%- weakness, 6.1%- high temperature. Overall survival (OS) of GEP NET’s pts was 61.1%. Out of 238 GEP NET pts, only 194 pts were operated. OS of 80 radically operated GEPNET pts was 74.8% and for 24 non-radically operated – 51.3%. OS of GEPNET pts was 100% at grade 1, 88% at grade 2 and 64% at grade 3. OS for 115 BNET pts was 84.9%. OS for 94 radically operated - 95.1%, for 21 non-radically operated – 39.0% (p=0.001).
Conference: 11th Annual ENETS Conference 2014 (2014)
Category: Epidemiology/Natural history/Prognosis - Registries, nationwide and regional surveys
Presenting Author: Ludmila Komarova

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