p27kip1 Is Involved in the Resistance of Human Bronchial Carcinoids to m-TOR Inhibitors Abstract #1090

Introduction: Bronchial carcinoids (BC) are still orphan of medical therapy. We previously demonstrated that the typical BC human cell line NCI-H727 is sensitive to Everolimus (E), in terms of cell viability reduction, with a G0 cell-cycle arrest, while the atypical human BC cell line NCI-H720 is not. The mechanisms underlying this phenomenon have not been clarified
Aim(s): Our aim is to investigate the mechanisms of resistance to mTOR inhibitors in BC cells, in order to identify new therapeutic approaches
Materials and methods: Protein profiling of the main complexes regulating cell-cycle progression (CyclinE/CDK2, CyclinD1/CDK4, CDK-inhibitor p27) was performed, before and after treatment with E
Conference: 12th Annual ENETS Conference 2015 (2015)
Category: Basic Science - mTOR and other pathways, signalling, receptors
Presenting Author: Master Degree Katiuscia Benfini
Keywords: RAD001, BC, p27kip1, Cell cycle

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