Post-Transplant Recurrence of Neuroendocrine Tumors Abstract #2792

Introduction: Recurrence after liver transplantation (LT) for metastases from NET is observed in 30-50% of cases at 5 years after LT but management is individualized
Aim(s): Aim of this study is to identify factors influencing post-recurrence survival and to define the best treatment according to disease presentation
Materials and methods: Consecutive patients treated at a single Institution for post-LT recurrence of NET were included. Baseline patients’ characteristics, primary tumor data, pre-transplant therapies, post-transplant recurrence and long term outcomes were collected and analyzed
Conference: 17th Annual ENETS Conference 2020 (2020)
Category: Surgical treatment and Ablative Therapies
Presenting Author: MD Michela Monteleone

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