ENETS NET Registry Procedure Committee

Members of the Procedure Committee


  • Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
  • Gianfranco Delle Fave, Italy
  • Wouter De Herder, The Netherlands


The Procedure Committee, formerly known as the Scientific Board, is a dependent board within ENETS Registry. It is made up of 3 members. Members serve a 3 year term, but can serve more than one term. Membership reflects the countries contributing to the ENETS European Neuroendocrine Tumour Registry. The Procedure Committee reports to both the Working Group and ENETS Executive Committee.

The Procedure Committee is responsible for defining the ENETS Registry scientific projects and developing the standards of procedures for these scientific applications -involving decisions on data access, data analysis and research, publications and associated projects. Authorship must also be defined. Publications of data from the ENETS Registry will have to indicate sponsorship of the ENETS Registry.

As part of the application process the criteria for applications, including an online submission form, will be made available via the ENETS European Neuroendocrine Tumour Registry Website, as well, all reports for received, approved and declined applications are to appear in the Registry Website.
Collaboration with the Ethic & Data Security Board will also be necessary to ensure that data access for scientific applications adhere to EU Regulations.
The Procedure Committee members also sit on the Scientific Steering Committee, which is the Committee solely responsible for the evaluation of scientific applications.
The Procedure Committee is responsible for an Annual Scientific Report providing details for the number of applications received, approved/declined and the publications that went to print; in addition, the report is to include a summary on the evaluation procedures. Each National Registry Centre is to directly receive a report on the individual access to the database.   
The members are committed to providing utmost transparency and objectivity for the ENETS Registry scientific application criteria and standard of procedures.