Scoping Study on Quality of Life (QL) in Patients (pts) with Neuroendoncrine Tumors (NET) of the Digestive Tract in Argentina: Preliminary Results Abstract #854

Introduction: Patients with NET compound a specific cancer population: their survival used to be longer than other cancer patient populations and they received drugs (eg. somatostatin analogues) rarely used on others. The systematic measure of QL in these patients could lead to better understanding of the impact of the disease and treatments, not only in terms of symptom prevalence but also in relation to daily concerns.
Aim(s): Description and measurement of QL in patients with NET in relation to symptom burden, psychosocial concerns and impact of disease and therapies on daily activities.
Materials and methods: A unique researcher interviewed 43 consecutive pts with metastatic well-differentiated NET of digestive tract (F/M=14/29) using a Mac Gill QL questionnaire. Primary tumor: gut (22), pancreas (11), unkown (10).
Conference: 11th Annual ENETS Conference 2014 (2014)
Category: Epidemiology/Natural history/Prognosis - Descriptive epidemiology
Presenting Author: RN Gladys Grance

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