SDHB Mutation in a Young Patient with a Metastatic Paraganglioma of the Urinary Bladder Abstract #1640

Introduction: Paragangliomas are rare tumors that arise from the sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglia that can possess an inherited trait.
Aim(s): We present the case of a 40 year old male with a family history of cervical tumor of unknown histology (father) and high blood pressure (brother-mid 30s).
Materials and methods: The patient’s medical history revealed a large para-aortic retroperitoneal tumor, incidentally detected at age 30, that was excised. The histopathological result was paraganglioma with no follow-up ever since. In 2016, the patient presented to our department complaining of high blood pressure for the past 3 years.
Conference: 14th Annual ENETS conference 2017 (2017)
Category: Clinical cases/reports
Presenting Author: MD Ioana Maria Lambrescu

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