Status of DNA Repair and Cell Proliferation Markers in High Grade Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix (cNEC) Compared to Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung (SCLC) Abstract #401

Introduction: Most patients (pts) with cNEC are treated with chemotherapy regimens used for SCLC due to both tumors’ histological similarity and aggressive behavior.
Aim(s): To explore if differences exist in the expression of DNA replication and damage repair processes between cNEC and SCLC.
Materials and methods: Expression of thymidine kinase (TK), thymidylate synthetase (TS), proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), replication protein A (RPA), Ki-67, and DNA excision repair protein (ERCC-1) in tumor specimens from 20 pts with cNEC and 15 pts with SCLC was determined by immunohistochemistry.
Conference: 9th Annual ENETS Conference (2012)
Category: Basic
Presenting Author: Boris Naraev

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