Structure of the ENETS DB

Technical partner

ENETS collaborates with the academic database provider: Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials (KKS) Marburg, Germany. The technical partner is contractually responsible for technical set-up, programming, maintenance, adherence to data protection, and compliance.

ENETS DB Core Working Group

The ENETS DB is managed by the ENETS DB Core Working Group. The members of the ENETS DB Core Working Group are appointed by the ENETS Executive Board.

Tasks of the ENETS DB Core Working Group:

  • Sets up levels 1 and 2 in the database
  • Acts as a data protection commission
  • Monitors data security measurements
  • Implements and monitors ethics requirements
  • Monitors quality results
  • Initiates a review procedure in the event of potential quality issues
  • Ensures that no data is transferred from the participating center into the database prior to the signing of the collaboration contract between ENETS e.V. and the CoE
  • Arbitrates any potential disputes that may arise.

The ENETS DB Core Working Group reports all activities to the ENETS Executive Committee.

Members of the ENETS DB Core Working Group

K-ok-Bartsch 200x200

Detlef Bartsch


Eric Baudin


Nicola Fazio

Achievements in 2020 - 2022

Learn more about the history and achievements of the new ENETS DB, from its inception in 2020 to date.

ENETS DB Support Group

The ENETS DB Core Working Group is supported by ENETS Office, the technical provider KKS, and the ENETS DB database support group, who have been involved in the development and testing of the ENETS DB before the launch took place in June 2022.

Interested representatives of the ENETS Centers of Excellence have also joined group meetings to give feedback and be part of the ENETS DB testing.

Members of the ENETS Database Support Group

  • Corin Badiu
  • Jaroslava Barkmanova
  • Ivan Borbath
  • Paula Jimenez Fonseca
  • Prof. Rocio Garcia-Carbonero
  • Prof. Simona Glasberg
  • Hans Hofland
  • Gregory Kaltsas
  • Dr. Beata Kos-Kudła
  • Dr. Francesco Panzuto
  • Ulrich-Frank Pape
  • Prof. Dr. Marianne Ellen Pavel
  • Alexander Siebenhüner
  • Prof. Eva Tiensuu Janson
  • Chris Verslype
  • Thomas Walter

ENETS DB review and support board

The ENETS DB review and support board will handle all requests for ENETS DB related projects.

Tasks of the ENETS DB review and support board:

  • To ensure the correct application of the ENETS DB publication policy
  • To give recommendations on accepting any application:
    • Concerning investigative data access and analysis
    • Hypothesis driven research of data processed by the ENETS DB
    • Data retrieval for the purpose of abstract submission to scientific meetings and developing manuscripts to submit to peer-reviewed journals
    • ENETS DB level 3 projects
  • To ensure the right of every CoE representative to allow or not allow their CoE data to be used in any submitted application.

The ENETS DB review and support board shall consist of:

  • Members of the ENETS DB Core Working Group
  • ENETS Scientific Secretary
  • Representatives of the group of actively participating centers
  • KKS IT expert (when required)
  • Lawyer (when required)
  • Patient representative
  • Ethics representative

The ENETS DB review and support board is currently being established.