The First Neuroendocrine Tumor Methylome Using Methylation-Specific Immunoprecipitation Followed by Second Generation Sequencing – MeDIP-seq Abstract #440

Introduction: Recently, the first cancer methylomes have been created which identified differential methylation at CpG island-shores (2kb upstream of CpG islands) to be of particular importance in the tumourigenic process.
Aim(s): To produce the first methylome in NETs using second generation sequencing – enabling coverage of >20 million CpGs located throughout the genome in coding and non-coding regions.
Materials and methods: Nine fresh frozen sporadic pancreatic NET liver metastases (three low, intermediate and high grade) and two normal pancreatic paraffin-embedded tissue samples underwent whole-genome CpG methylation-specific immunoprecipitation followed by sequencing on the Illumina GAIIx sequencer (MeDIP-seq). MeDIP-seq data were processed using our novel analysis pipeline MeDUSA (Methylated DNA Utility for Sequence Analysis).
Conference: 9th Annual ENETS Conference (2012)
Category: Basic
Presenting Author: Dr Christina Thirlwell

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