Unusual Presentation of Carcinoid Syndrome in Chronic Pancreatitis Abstract #1933

Introduction: A carcinoid tumor often causes no symptoms in its early stages and is usually found unexpectedly. The carcinoid syndrome appears when the tumor spreads to the liver.
Aim(s): To present a rare case of carcinoid syndrome in a patient with chronic pancreatitis.
Materials and methods: In 1982 the patient was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Three years later she underwent a duodenum preserving pancreas head resection followed by pancreatic enzyme supplementation. In 1996 the patient was admitted with abdominal pain and diarrhea with steatorrhea since five years. A CT scan and FDG-PET scan were negative. In 2010 the CT scan was positive for a 1 cm hepatic lesion. FDG-PET was negative. In May 2011 the patient complained watery diarrhea and flushing and in July an abdominal CT scan detected multiple hepatic lesions
Conference: 14th Annual ENETS conference (2017)
Category: Clinical cases/reports
Presenting Author: Doctor Valbona Liço

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