NECs: diagnostics and therapeutic challenges




Neuroendocrine carcinomas (NECs): Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

Moderators: Andrea FRILLING, Marc PEETERS, Halfdan SORBYE, Marie-Louise VAN VELTHUYSEN

Introduction agenda and speakers – Marie-Louise VAN VELTHUYSEN

PART 1: Diagnosis, characterisation, and prognosis – Marie-Louise VAN VELTHUYSEN

PART 2: Can surgery be considered for localised NECs? – Andrea FRILLING

PART 3: Is there any room for adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy? – Marc PEETERS

PART 4: First and second line systemic treatments in advanced cases
- First line medical therapies – Marc PEETERS
- Second line medical therapies and PRRT – Halfdan SORBYE

Closing comments – Marc PEETERS

Tonight's Moderators:

Tonight's Speakers:

The webinar series is intended for HCPs qualified by law to prescribe medicine.