ENETS Advisory Board

The current ENETS Advisory Board consists of more than 40 European members from a variety of disciplines as well as two NET nurse representatives and a patient advocate.

Advisory Board members are appointed by the Executive Committee and care is taken to reflect the demographics of ENETS members in terms of country and discipline. The Advisory Board serves to advise and assist the Extended Executive Committee.

Below are the current members of the ENETS Advisory Board.

  • Valentina Ambrosini, Nuclear Medicine, Italy
  • Nehara Begum, Surgery, Germany
  • Ivan Borbath, Gastroenterology, Belgium
  • Arthur Braat, Nuclear Medicine, Netherlands
  • Emanuel Christ, Endocrinology, Switzerland
  • Adina Croitoru, Oncology, Romania
  • Louis De Mestier, Gastroenterology, France
  • Timm Denecke, Radiology, Germany
  • Christophe Deroose, Nuclear Medicine, Belgium
  • Massimo Falconi, Surgery, Italy
  • Lynnette Fernandez-Cuesta, Genetics, France
  • Wanda Geilvoet, Nurse, Netherlands
  • Hans Hofland, Endocrinology, Netherlands
  • Peter Igaz, Endocrinology, Hungary
  • Gregory Kaltsas, Endocrinology, Greece
  • Atsuko Kasajima, Pathology, Germany
  • Barbara Kiesewetter, Oncology, Austria
  • Ulrich Peter Knigge, Surgery, Denmark
  • Teodora Kolarova, Patient Advocate, Bulgaria
  • Beata Kos-Kudła, Endocrinology, Poland
  • Angela Lamarca, Oncology, Spain
  • Seppo Langer, Oncology, Denmark
  • Tu Vinh Luong, Pathology, United Kingdom
  • Wendy Martin, Nurse, United Kingdom
  • Mairead McNamara, Oncology, United Kingdom
  • Alia Munir, Endocrinology, United Kingdom
  • Dermot O'Toole, Gastroenterology, Ireland
  • Francesco Panzuto, Gastroenterology, Italy (Advisory Board Chair)
  • Stefano Partelli, Surgery, Italy
  • Marianne Ellen Pavel, Endocrinology, Germany
  • Aurel Perren, Pathology, Switzerland
  • Vikas Prasad, Nuclear Medicine, United States
  • Nicholas Simon Reed, Oncology, United Kingdom
  • Anguraj Sadanandam, Molecular Biology, United Kingdom
  • Ramon Salazar, Oncology, Spain
  • Ana Paula Santos, Endocrinology, Portugal
  • Joerg Schrader, Gastroenterology, Germany
  • Halfdan Sorbye, Oncology, Norway
  • Anna Sowa-Staszczak, Nuclear Medicine, Poland
  • Ernst-Jan Speel, Molecular Biology, Netherlands
  • Peter Stalberg, Surgery, Sweden
  • Anders Sundin, Radiology, Sweden
  • Margot Tesselaar, Oncology, Netherlands
  • Christina Thirlwell, Oncology, United Kingdom
  • Marina Tsoli, Endocrinology, Greece
  • Marco Volante, Pathology, Italy
  • Thomas Walter, Gastroenterology, France
  • Staffan Welin, Endocrinology, Sweden

International advisors

The ENETS Executive Committee also has an international panel of experts representing different international NET societies and groups, which serves as an adjunct to the ENETS Advisory Board. This international panel has worked collaboratively with ENETS on projects such as the 1st World NET Forum and comprises the following experts:

Governing organs

There are three governing organs of the Society:

  • Susana Haydee Belli, Endocrinology, Argentina
  • Jie Chen, Gastroenterology, China
  • Rodney Hicks, Nuclear Medicine, Australia
  • James Howe, Surgery, United States
  • B. A. Krishna, Nuclear Medicine, India
  • Rachel Riechelmann, Oncology, Brazil
  • Simron Singh, Oncology, Canada
  • Hong Zhao, Surgery, China