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To help you better understand the ENETS DB and its use, ENETS is about to compile answers to frequently asked questions.

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Is there a fee to participate in the ENETS DB ?

Participation is free for accredited European NEN referral centers.

May non-European NET centers participate in the ENETS DB?

Non-European NEN referral centers are currently not eligible to participate, except accredited ENETS CoE.

What is an expert center/ NEN referral center in the context of the ENETS DB?

There are 3 categories of expert centers, eligible to participate in the DB
a) ENETS CoE: NEN referral center accredited by ENETS as Center of Excellence
b) Other NEN Referral Centers - which comprise:
             ERN EURACAN accredited centers
             Centers which have been accredited as expert centers by national authorities

How do I document the TNM status properly if TNM status with different prefixes exist?

If at baseline (≤ 6 months in NET; ≤ 2month in NEC since diagnosis) you have cTNM or uTNM and pTNM, pTNM should be preferred to be reported.

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