Vision, Mission & Aims


ENETS has been a pioneering group in international research, collaboration, and education in the NET field. Through our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to NET we strive to increase awareness in the field and seek to improve all aspects of management and quality of life for patients with NENs.


ENETS endeavours to facilitate best standards of care to NEN patients worldwide.

We strive to increase knowledge and awareness of NEN in all healthcare systems, improve early diagnosis of NEN, enable patients to be referred to NEN specialist centers, and monitor and audit the standards of care in NEN centers.

ENETS stimulates and fosters NEN research worldwide.

Membership matters

Multidisciplinary is our credo. We welcome all NET-related disciplines and professionals! Learn more about the benefits of becoming an ENETS member.


  • Improve the diagnosis and therapy of patients with neuroendocrine tumors in an international, inter-disciplinary and scientific context
  • Co-ordinate research at European hospitals and health research institutes, with an emphasis on basic and clinical research for the diagnosis and treatment of NEN
  • Foster the exchange of knowledge for young investigators
  • Support collaborative scientific projects of excellence
  • Further develop standards for the accreditations of ENETS Centers of Excellence
  • Offer comprehensive education and training for physicians and scientists at annual scientific and educational meetings, and through standardised postgraduate training
  • Further endorse the ENETS database and Centers of Excellence throughout Europe
  • Focus on writing and updating NET guidelines for all aspects of NET care including treatment and standards of care, which will be published in medical and scientific journals
  • Co-operate with the pharmaceutical industry for the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic, and information technologies
  • Communicate with and inform patient advocates and patient self-help groups.

Support ENETS

Any donation made to ENETS charity, no matter what size, will help to support us with our many projects. ENETS wants to ensure that neuroendocrine cancer patients in Europe get a timely diagnosis, the best level of care and ultimately, a cure. Click below to read more.