Standardised Reports

To complement its guidelines and standards of care initiatives, ENETS has developed a set of standardised report templates in the areas of pathology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and endoscopy. The aim was to create a common language and set of standards for the wider scientific and medical community.

After numerous review processes with experts in the field and in close collaboration with the ENETS Centers of Excellence (CoE), ENETS is able to provide the final standardised reports to its members and the wider NET community.

These reports have been published as a special issue in ENETS' official journal, The Journal of Neuroendocrinology (vol. 34, issue 3) in March 2022. ENETS members may access this publication free of charge in My ENETS.

JNE special issue: standardised reports

Click below to view the ENETS special issue on standardised (synoptic) reporting of neuroendocrine neuroplasms published in March 2022 in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology.

Download and use the standardised reporting templates

Download and benefit from using the standardised reporting templates. These reports are free of charge and may be used as a tool to help institutes in their day-to-day practice.