Scientific DB projects

Read below and learn more about the different levels of the ENETS DB.

Levels 1 and 2 database projects

Level 1 and 2 database studies address scientific questions that can be answered by the existing database.

Who qualifies for database queries (levels 1 and 2)

  • Continuous and significant database contribution is the key
  • A study proposal with synopsis and publication concept is always required
  • Call for participation sent by the ENETS to each center

Are there any fees for database queries (levels 1 and 2)?

  • Feasibility evaluations of ENETS DB level 1 – no fee will be charged
  • Studies and queries of ENETS DB level 2 by data reporter:
    • No fee will be charged if the data reporter query can be completed by authorised ENETS staff
    • If KKS or other external support is required, a fee will be charged/a budget must be set up.

Levels 1 & 2 projects

AdobeStock 390023932 VIPoma

Retrospective VIPoma

AdobeStock 494002269

Retrospective observational study on patients with advanced HG GEP-NEN

AdobeStock 549522954

Atypical bronchial carcinoid (ABC): recurrence-free survival after resection and analysis of therapeutic interventions

Level 3 database projects

Level 3 database studies address scientific questions which cannot answered by the existing database. These require extra programming.

Who qualifies for level 3 database projects?

  • Authorised ENETS task forces and Centres of Excellence DB participants
  • A study synopsis and proposal including publication policy is required
  • A separate ethic committee approval might be necessary/must be determined
  • Funding must be secured
  • Proposals will be evaluated in the spirit of goodwill by the DB review and support board
  • Call for participation and agreement to participate sent by ENETS to each center
  • Separate contract with KKS is necessary

Level 3 projects

AdobeStock 542352789 CHD level 3

Multi-parametric risk assessment of patients with Carcinoid Heart Disease - A project of the ENETS CHD Task Force

AdobeStock 531990320 Lung NET Level 3

Real world retrospective study of therapies in lung and thymic carcinoids - A study of the ENETS Lung Task Force