Appendix Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumors (A-WDNETs) at a Large Tertiary Center: Clinical-Pathological Features and Long-Term Follow-Up Evaluation Abstract #782

Introduction: A-WDNETs comprise 32-57% of appendix tumors, diagnosed incidentally in 0.3-0.9% appendectomies (AP). Overall survival is good, but malignant behavior remains controversial.
Aim(s): To evaluate CHSJ A-WDNETs incidence and clinical-pathological (CP) features.
Materials and methods: Re-evaluation of all A-WDNETs treated in 1981-2010, including age, gender, location, clinical features, size, local, invasion, immunohistochemistry (IHC) expression (p16, p21, bcl2, cyclinD1-cD1, RKIP, Ki67), TNM, disease-specific survival (DSS).
Conference: 10th Annual ENETS Conference 2013 (2013)
Category: Epidemiology/Natural history/Prognosis - Prognosis
Presenting Author: Dr. John Preto

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