Blood Gene Transcript Analysis Diagnoses Bronchopulmonary NETs and Identifies Progressive Disease Abstract #1571

Introduction: Broncho-Pulmonary (BP) NETs are pulmonary neoplasms with indolent to aggressive behavior. Imaging, histology and biochemistry are limited in defining malignancy or progression
Aim(s): Assess the NETest in BPNET diagnosis and progressive disease delineation.
Materials and methods: BPNETs (n=36), controls (n=38) and cancers (n=38). Measurements were NETest (positive >14%) and specific gene “omic” analysis: growth factor signaling (GFS: N-Ras, K-Ras, BRaf, Raf1) and somatostatin receptor (SSR1,3,5) expression by qPCR; CgA by ELISA (normal <109ng/ml); disease status by imaging. Tumors were typical TC: n=14, atypical AC: n=22 and stable (SD n=18) or progressive disease (PD n=18). 55% AC were PD, 42% TC were PD. Clinico-histological groups were AC/SD or AC/PD; TC/SD or TC/PD by RECIST. Analysis by X2 tests and ROC-statistics.
Conference: 13th Annual ENETS conference 2016 (2016)
Category: Biomarkers
Presenting Author: Professor Mark Kidd
Keywords: PCR

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