Affinity Proteomic Plasma Analysis of Human Well-Differentiated Small Intestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors Abstract #672

Introduction: Small intestine neuroendocrine tumor (SI-NET) patients get diagnosis at the stage of metastasis and there is a lack of curative treatments.
Aim(s): To detect specific, reliable and sensitive biomarker for early diagnosis and disease progression status.
Materials and methods: Human Protein Atlas antibodies (Ab) profiled proteomic signatures from SI-NET blood patients (p) and healthy controls (HC) using an antibody suspension bead array. Untreated patients (153 p) at different stages were divided into two cohorts: cohort 1 (20 HC and 57 p) and cohort 2 (36 HC and 96 p). Markers screening using 188 Ab on cohort 1 selected 20 antigens validated then on cohort 2. Selection was based on univariate and multivariate statistical significance together with the consistency between experiments.
Conference: 10th Annual ENETS Conference 2013 (2013)
Category: Basic Science - Genetics, epigenetics, miRNAs
Presenting Author: Assoc. Prof, PhD Valeria Giandomenico

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